Board of Directors

HANS Board of Directors

The HANS Board meets every 4-6 weeks in Halifax. There are also active committees which meet regularly.

Savayda Jarone
Savayda is a medical herbalist and has been in practice for 15 years.  She is a founding member of HANS, and has served on the board for eleven out of twelve years. She has taken a special interest in the politics and standards committee, and is the Nova Scotia representative for the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations. She has a clinical practice and teaches herbal medicine courses in Halifax.

Lynn-Marie Mattie
Lynn-Marie is a mother, yoga teacher and herbal enthusiast.  It is her love of both nature and knowledge that keeps her coming back to HANS.  She enjoys spending time with like-minded souls and working/playing to make the world a better place.

Sarah Muir
Sarah Muir has a lifelong love of nature and learning about local wild plants. She recently graduated from the 3-Year Clinical Program at the International College of Herbal Medicine in New Zealand. This is her second year on the board; she acts as secretary and is on the herb fair committee.

Jason Remai
Jason Remai loves to speak to plants. He finds beauty and balance through observation, ingestion and communication with edible and medicinal plants. He has no accreditations and some formal training. His near complete inability to achieve results through text based research or reading has bolstered his ability to navigate the oral tradition. This strength coupled with a hunger for union with the plant world have brought him to many teachers.

Daniel Wiseman
Daniel has been on the herbal path for over 10 years; his green journey started with plant teachers in his late teens that helped guide him to a more balanced, natural and holistic way of living. Since then he has fortified his knowledge and skills through direct experience with nature, self study and more recently formal training from the East West School of Planetary Herbology. Now a practicing clinical herbalist, Daniel draws from the global systems of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Western herbalism, Spagyrics and more. He also has a strong interest and clinical focus of using plants native to the Maritime provinces as often as possible.

Megan Tardif-Woolgar
Megan Tardif-Woolgar is a medical herbalist from the Annapolis Valley, with a special interests in herbs for mental and emotional healing, and herbs for digestive health. Megan loves teaching individuals how to take control of their own health by using herbal plant allies to encourage changes in perception in such a way that promotes healing within the body. Megan has a clinical practice in the Annapolis Valley and Halifax, and she enjoys teaching workshops and classes on a variety of herbal topics.

Valerie H. Wilson
Valerie started her herbal journey in the garden.  A lover of all things green, it was a natural progression to start studying the medicine of plants and how to live in harmony with them.  Studying locally with Savayda Jarone has transformed Valerie’s love of plants into a life-long obsession of learning.  She is now enrolled in the East West School of Planetary Herbology and continues to attend international herbal conferences each summer.  As an enthusiastic supporter of the international herbal movement, Valerie has joined the HANS board and her local gardening club to encourage more people experience the joy and beauty of plants and their many offerings.