AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date: July 24, 2016, at Herb Fair in Public Gardens in Halifax, Nova Scotia

BOD Members Present: Savayda Jarone, Sarah Muir, Lynn Marie Matte, Valerie Wilson, Daniel Wiseman, Jason Remai

Regrets: Meagan Tardiff-Wolgar

Members were welcomed and present BOD members were introduced. The goals of last years HANS BOD were reviewed, with updates on progress. These included: more plant circles, a professional development seminar, hosting the CCHA, and starting herb fair planning earlier. The following committee reports were read.


Plant Circles: report prepared by Meagan Tardiff-Wolgar and read by Daniel Wiseman

  • Daniel reviewed the different Plant Circles we hosted this year and shared his hope for more plant circles in the coming year.
  • Member ideas for future plant circle locations included: the Dartmouth Commons, Common Roots Farm, and branching out into locations out of HRM.
  • Read the full report.

Herb Fair: report given by Sarah Muir

  • Sarah discussed how we chose the location and theme for this year’s herb fair.
  • Sarah shared how we ran into stricter enforcement of park regulations than last year and that the herb fair committee would likely look for a different location for future years.
  • Some members shared that they appreciated the accessibility of the fair being hosted in HRM, while the majority of members shared that they prefer rural locations with an option to camp out.
  • Read the full report.

Treasurer: Lynn Marie Matte prepared and read this report

  • Report to follow.

Communications: report prepared by Valerie Wilson

  • Valerie read a short report for the communications committee, sharing accomplishments and goals for this comittee.
  • Read full report.

Politics and Standards & CCHA Committee Reports: report prepared by Savayda Jarone

  • Savayda spoke about the goals and the focus of the committee this year
  • Savayda spoke briefly about how we hosted the CCHA in NS this year
  • Read full report.


  • It was discussed that members would like us to revisit the idea of HANS having a medicinal plants bed in the Public Gardens.


  • We reviewed who served last year, and that all active members are re-offering with the exception of Sarah Muir
  • We were unsure of the intention of Megan Tardif-Woolgar as she was not at the meeting
  • Kevin Carpenter resigned partway through the year

Members present at the AGM approved the new board:

  • Savayda Jarone
  • Jason Remai
  • Lynn-Marie Matte
  • Daniel Wiseman
  • Valerie Wilson
  • Gaelle McNeil
  • Michelle (not sure of Danielès girlfriends last name)
  • Megan Tardif-Woolgar (BOD was unsure of her intention as she was not present)

See the 2016 HANS committee reports that follow.


Communications Committee
2016 Annual Report
Prepared by: Valerie Wilson
July 24, 2016

Committee Members: Valerie Wilson, Gaëlle McNeil

This year Valerie is new to the board and has been keen to increase all types of communications between the HANS board and the membership.  After working with Gaëlle, Valerie now has access to update the website, Facebook group, events, and mailing lists.

Throughout the year, we created events on the website and/or on Facebook for each plant circle and workshop and shared them through the Facebook Group and the mailing lists.  We have also created new pages on the web site for the Annual HANS Herb Fair.  These pages may now be updated with details for the fair each year.

We would love to hear your feedback on how we could be better communicating with you.

Herb Fair Committee
2016 Annual Report
Prepared by: Sarah Muir
July 24, 2016

We are happy to host our 14th annual HANS Herb Fair in the Halifax Public Gardens this year. This year’s herb fair marks our 14th annual Herb Fair and our second Herb Fair in the Halifax Public Gardens. In the past the association has hosted our herb fairs in different areas of the province each year, allowing us to celebrate the herbal diversity in different parts of our province and to allow members from different parts of the province to host us and take an active role in the planning.

Last year we decided to host the herb fair in Halifax to make the fair more accessible to a larger percent of our membership, and also with the hopes that we could increase HANS membership and outreach! After a successful fair and positive feedback about the gardens location, a member suggested that we host our herb fair in the Halifax Public Gardens every year. We discussed that holding the fair in a central location makes it easily accessible to more current and potential members. In addition to this we discussed how holding the fair in one common area might increase recognition of our event, as it is common for other festivals and fairs to be held in the same location every year-and we thought that maybe there is something to this!

We have had feedback from members who like the idea of hosting in the gardens on an ongoing basis, while others have shared that they like the fairs that are held in more rural areas, where we can camp out the night before. I had intended to raise this at the AGM and to ask members what their preference is going forward. While I suggest this is still a valuable conversation for us to have, we have found over the past two weeks that there are more regulations that are being enforced in the gardens than we had to work with last year, and we will likely want to consider other locations for next year and going forward.

We didn’t have a specific herb fair committee this year, and did as we did last year and met a half hour before our regular board meeting to discuss herb fair plans.

The theme for the fair, “Tree Medicine: Discover the wisdom, magic, medicine, food and folklore of trees”, was inspired by all of the beautiful trees that make the gardens the special place they are.

Ideas for next year? Judy Goo mentioned the year we were in Monastery that she’d be interested in hosting us in Cape Breton sometime. This could be a great opportunity to explore! We welcome all ideas for our future herbs fairs, whether they be locations or themes….and we welcome anyone who would like to volunteer for the planning of next year’s fair!

Plant Circle Committee
2016 Annual Report
Prepared by: Meagan Tardiff-Wolgar

The Herbalist`s Association of Nova Scotia holds plant circle events every year as great opportunity to introduce curious individuals and future herb buffs to the wonderful world of herbal medicine and the organization. This year HANS held three successful plant circle events. Two were located in Halifax, and one in Wilmot in the Annapolis Valley.

The first circle, Magick Potions and Witch`s Brews, was held at Savayda` clinic on Young Avenue in Halifax on Sunday, the 1st of November, from 6:30-8:30pm. There was a delicious herbal elixir bar, lots of wonderful story telling, and much witchy plant discussion. There were approximately 20 witches in attendance.

The second plant circle was held at Blue Apples in downtown Halifax on November 27th at 7pm. The plant circle focused mainly on local immune supporting herbs and mushrooms (Chaga, Elder and Usnea). Stories, recipes, and experiences were also shared. Approximately $50.00 was raised.

The third circle was held at Nan`s Rock Shop and Spiritual Center in Wilmot in the Annapolis Valley. This circle, on the 24th of January at 2pm, focused on connecting to the plant spirit world through meditation to learn about the individual plants and their uses. Some of the plants that were introduced include Reishi, Rose, Holy Basil, and Ashwaganda. Individuals shared their own personal experiences with the plants after the meditation, but also stories of previous uses. There were approximately 10 people in attendance, and $20.00 was raised. No new members signed up at the event, but there was much interest and inquiry about becoming a HANS member.

We are looking forward to many more herb circle events in the future!

Politics and Standards Committee
2016 Annual Report
Prepared by: Savayda Jarone
July 24, 2016

Committee Members: Savayda Jarone, Jeanette Poirier, Oren Hercz, Sarah Muir, Daniel
Wiseman, and Megan Tardiff-Woolgar

Our committee met in person three times, last fall and winter and via Skype once.  Our focus this year was on research into gaining recognition by local insurance companies so that clients can claim the services of herbal practitioners. Several insurance companies were contacted and they all shared the same basic information – that we need larger numbers to be listed as a health profession on their insurance policies. At CCHA is working on this issue on the national level, with other provinces doing similar investigations. If we group together our numbers will hopefully gain us inclusion on the national insurance company lists. This project is ongoing.

We also began work on the application forms and process for new practitioner members. After considering the applications of various herbalist associations we used the application form of the herbalist association of BC as a template. Work on this was stalled, partially by volunteer fatigue. This is a top priority for 2016.

Savayda maintained regular contact with the CCHA via monthly teleconferences. HANS hosted the annual in person meeting of the CCHA.