HANS Associate Members

HANS Associate Members are the Nova Scotia growers, medicine makers, educators and herbal enthusiasts who play a vital role in our growing herbal community! On this page we celebrate and recognize our associate members and share a brief summary about how they contribute to the world of Herbal Medicine.

2023-2024 Associate Members

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Our Associate Memberships are renewed annually starting in August.


Poppy Petal Press
Kristin Stark

Type of business: Herbal / earth-centered education

At Poppy Petal Press we share simple ways to connect with herbal plants and earth rhythms. The Sketches of the Seasons book series walks readers through the changing seasons from a fresh perspective, with each book offering an illustrated story, as well as ideas for celebrating the shifting season, nourishment, kid crafting, and inspiration for adult reflection time. We also offer courses to support people connecting with herbal plants and earth rhythms – each course is focused on a particular season and offers an intro to working with a few herbal plants.

Learn more at: https://poppypetalpress.com

Andree-Anne Bedard
Traditional Herbalist

Type of business: Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Andree-Anne Bedard is a traditional herbalist who studied with l’Herbotheque, an institution based in Quebec, who specialises in research and teaching of integrative and traditional medicine.  

Andree-Anne is currently performing her practicum at the Wolfville Professional Center where she is seeing clients under the supervision of her practicum director. She also offers workshops and classes from her home in beautiful Baxter’s Harbour. Her passion is fueled by her wish for all to have access to supportive medicine and thrive in a world that needs us all to be our best selves! 
You can reach her at https;//AndreeAnneHerbalist.ca