Professional Membership Application Requirements

In order to accommodate different traditions, educational backgrounds and models, we include 3 different educational pathways for our professional membership. They include:

  • Formal education
  • Self directed study
  • Apprenticeship through an oral tradition

The details of each pathway of application are outlined in full detail in the five files of our application package below:

Professional Membership Fees

  • HANS Practitioner Membership (registered herbal practitioner) $100.00
  • One-time administration fee (non-refundable) $45.00
  • Annual Membership runs from July 1 to June 30 each year.

Professional Membership Maintenance

  • To maintain your professional membership, you must show that you have completed 40 hrs professional development each yer.

Professional Membership Benefits Include

Practitioner Members offer their registered title and related clinical services to the general public as an herbalist. Benefits include those for general members plus the following items:

  • May display services at HANS selected events.
  • May participate in decision-making about standards, scope of practice and disciplinary procedures for professional herbalists in Nova Scotia.
  • Listing on the Practitioner section of the website.
  • Benefit of being a registered practitioner, accountable to a standard of education, code of ethics, scope of practice and governing board of directors.

How To Become A Professional Member

Use sign-up form below. Once complete a HANS professional member representative will be in touch within 7 business days.

Is the Sign-up form not working? Use this fillable PDF HANS Professional RHP Professional Membership Application