Herbal Practitioners

Savayda Jarone, RHP Registered Herbal Practitioner

Savayda has been in private practice for 23 years and is available for herbal consultations in Halifax and Head of Jeddore on the eastern shore. The student training clinic offers consultations at a reduced rate.

Savayda owns and operates the Bloom Institute of Holistic Living and Learning, offering year-long herbal programs, clinical training, workshops, and herb walks.
She also offers fertility awareness services to assist couples trying to conceive, and specializes in Fertility Awareness Method of birth control.

The Bloom apothecary consists of over 125 medicinal plants, including  therapeutic grade tinctures made largely from organic, biodynamically grown, and ethically wildcrafted herbs, as well as bulk dried herbs, herbal and mushroom powders, flower essences, creams, infused oils and other herbal products.

Bloom is open for drop-ins on Wednesdays 11am – 3:30pm and Thursdays 10 am -1 pm; drop-in for herb chats and assistance with herb purchases.


The Bloom Institute of Holistic Living and Learning
989 Young Ave., Halifax
Tel: 902-957-1534
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Jeanette Poirier, CHT – Medical Herbalist

Jeanette is semi-retired as a rural practitioner, still taking on some clients with Lyme and other tick borne infections.

She is interested in herbs useful for infectious diseases.  And she is also learning about the medicine plants of South Mexico.

As an elder, she continues to teach and mentor when given the opportunity.

She is located at:
3137 Barss Corner Road
Parkdale, NS B0R 1A0

She can be contacted at:
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Ember Peters, RHP – Clinical Herbalist

Ember is based in Halifax, NS. She teaches in the Family Herbalist and Clinical Herbalist programs at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, and has a clinical practice based in Nova Scotia and over Zoom.

Ember has been in clinical practice since 2014, offering sliding-scale herbal care from a trauma-informed and client-centered approach. She draws on on knowledge from Western Herbalism traditions, assessment tools from Classical Chinese Medicine, the latest scientific research, physiology, flower essence therapy and holistic nutrition. Ember’s interest and experience focuses on chronic pain, cancer, fertility autonomy, trans health, digestive issues, insomnia, resilience to stress, chronic infections, auto-immunity, thyroid imbalance, neurological conditions and emotional wellness. She uses over 100 plants, mushrooms and extracts, focusing on ethically grown/wildcrafted local medicines whenever possible.

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Benna Keoghoe, RHP – Clinical Herbalist

Benna’s childhood fostered a strong love of nature. She believes that Herbal Medicine is a great conduit of re-uniting humans to plants and the natural world in a way that has generally been forgotten. This alone can be an immensely healing experience for both human and plant/nature communities.

Benna has taken the Mayflower Herbal Course and completed her Diploma of Phytotherapy at Pacific Rim College.

She has practiced as a Registered Herbal Practitioner in rural Nova Scotia for the past two years and is now employed full time at the Bloom Institute of Herbal Medicine, where she still practices as a Herbal Practitioner, but also supports the operations of Bloom and teaches the beginner program. Benna is an active board member of the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia.

She is passionate about ethical and sustainable plant use, supporting self empowerment of patients, and growing plants. Her focus in clinic is on digestive health and complex immune concerns such as Autoimmune disease.

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Daniel Wiseman, RHP – Clinical Herbalist

Daniel has been dedicated to the Herbal Path for almost 15 years. His Green journey started with Plant Teachers in his late teens that helped guide him to a more balanced, natural and holistic way of living. Since then he has fortified his knowledge through direct experience with nature, self study, travel and more recently formal training from the East West School of Planetary Herbology and with world famous alchemist and chemist Robert Bartlett of the Spagyricus Institute.

Formerly the owner/herbalist of Blue Apples Arts & Wellness Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Daniel now focuses on medicine making, gardening, wild harvesting, teaching and private practice as an herbalist in rural Nova Scotia. His practice is eclectic and ever-evolving drawing from the global systems of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Medical Astrology and Spagyria/Alchemy.

Daniel is a professional practitioner and board member of the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia, a board member of the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations, a member of the International Alchemy Guild, a member of the Inner Garden Alchemy Research Group and teaches herbal pharmacy/medicine making at the Bloom Institute of Herbal Studies.

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Oren Hercz – Clinical Herbalist

Oren Hercz has been in practice as a Clinical Herbalist since 2010, working in holistic health clinics, a family medicine office, and in private practice online. He also teaches classes and a year-long beginner’s herbal medicine program, empowering people to become their own home herbalists and be proactive about their health.
Oren currently practises in Mahone Bay, NS and virtually online. He operates a dispensary of over 100 herbs, focusing on sustainably harvested, locally grown (where possible), and ethically wildcrafted medicine. Oren works with people with mostly chronic health issues with a focus on Lyme disease, digestive issues, sleep issues, mental and emotional health, autoimmune conditions, children’s health, and healthy aging.
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(902) 817-9455

Lori Wals, RHP

Lori has been working with plants and people since 1999. Her practice includes a truly holistic view of mind-body integration, recognizing that herbal medicine is larger than the simple addition of herbs to treat symptoms. Her practice draws from her training in traditional folk herbalism, compassionate inquiry, somatic experiencing, nutritional awareness, and plant spirit medicines from South America. Her interest is in working with people who are curious about the impact of trauma on health.

Lori can be reached at

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