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13th Annual Herb Fair

July 26, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

$45 – $70




Come discover the medicine you are already growing!

Did you know that many of the culinary and ornamental plants grown in city gardens have extensive medicinal properties?
Learn how to maximize your garden’s potential and become a self-reliant herbin urban!

Halifax Public Gardens
Sunday, July 26

Registration: 8:00 – 8:45 a.m.
Museum of Natural History
1747 Summer Street
(1.5 blocks from the gardens)

Opening Circle: 9:00 a.m.
Museum of Natural History

Workshops: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Halifax Public Gardens

$45 HANS members/$70 non members

Bring a lunch for a picnic in the gardens, and something for the herbal give-away blanket.
Water and herbal tea will be provided.


Medicinal Trees of the Public Gardens and their Uses–
from the Perspective of a Mi’kmaq Medicine Maker
Laurie Lacey

This workshop will focus on a selection of medicinal trees in the Public Gardens (for example, horse chestnut, paperbark maple and flowering dogwood). It will outline some primary medicinal uses for those trees, and compare those uses with traditional Mi’kmaq preparations and uses for native tree species of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.
BIOGRAPHY: Laurie Lacey is a naturalist, writer, painter, and medicine maker of mixed ancestry, including Mi’kmaq and Irish. He is the author of Mi’kmaq Medicines and Medicine Walk, and has been involved with Mi’kmaq and aboriginal medicines for the past forty-one years. Laurie is a member of the Canadian Council of Herbal Elders.

Wait! Don’t Pull that Weed!!!
Medicinal and Culinary Uses for Garden Volunteers (Aka Weeds)
Oren Hercz

While garden weeds are generally considered a nuisance, look again. Many of them are either superfoods bursting with nutritional value, or medicines capable of preventing and treating common health problems—or both! Getting to know the medicinal weeds in your garden is a cost free and empowering way to be healthy while deepening your connection with nature at the same time. Trade in shopping in the supplement aisle for a look at the bounty in your own backyard!
BIOGRAPHY: Oren Hercz has been a practicing Clinical Herbalist, supporting people with chronic health issues, for the last 4 years. He is also co-owner of the newly created Briar Hill Herbal CSA. His journey with herbs started 10 years ago when he wondered if stories were true that weeds growing in his garden could be used for healing. That question led him to several years of herbal apprenticeship, then professional study with leading North American herbalists, before opening his own practice. Oren believes accessing plant medicine is our birthright as human beings and loves sharing his excitement and knowledge of the plant world.

The Culinary Uses of Medicinal Plants
Megan Tardif-Woolgar

Megan is delighted to share her knowledge of culinary herbs, helping individuals create potent (and delicious!) medicine from back yard plant allies. Megan is excited to discuss different methods of preparation and delivery, including oils, vinegars and pestos!
BIOGRAPHY: Megan Tardif-Woolgar is a Registered Medical Herbalist with the Canadian Herbalists’ Association of BC. She offers private herbal consultations at her clinic and dispensary on the North Mountain. Megan custom-makes herbal formulas for individuals using organic alcohol-based tinctures. She also custom-makes herbal tea blends, capsules and creams. Megan is passionate about individual health sovereignity!

SPAGYRICS 101: An intro to the Alchemical methods of tincturing herbs
Daniel Wiseman

Join herbalist Daniel Wiseman in exploring the ancient techniques of tincturing herbs using the 3-fold concept of Alchemy: Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. Learn the basic methods of stripping away the heavy lead shell of a plant in order to reveal its true essential nature of gold.

BIOGRAPHY: Daniel has been on the herbal path for over 10 years; his green journey started with plant teachers in his late teens that helped guide him to a more balanced, natural and holistic way of living. Since then he has fortified his knowledge through direct experience with nature, self study and more recently formal training from the East West School of Planetary Herbology. Now a practicing herbalist with a small clinic and dispensary in Halifax, Daniel draws from the global systems of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, Shamanism and Spagyrics (Plant Alchemy).

Nutrition for Plants
Jayme Melrose and Dr. Jason Hofman

What do plants need to be healthy? How do we grow nutritious, healthy plants? What’s needed for high-quality herbs? We love dirt. Combining the schools of bio-dynamics, permaculture, organics and nutrient-density, we’ll share with you our understanding of how to nourish the soil for optimum plant health.
BIOGRAPHIES: Jayme Melrose is the Project Coordinator at Common Roots Urban Farm. She’s been working with plants and people for the last 11 years, working to cross-pollinate lawns into ecologically resilient food systems. Dr. Jason Hofman is an Iowa farmboy with a pHD in bio-chemistry. He’s been a student of bio-dynamic agriculture for 30+ years, worked and studied with Dr. Elaine Ingham’s SoilFoodWeb lab in Oregan, and is currently the beloved CompostMeister at Common Roots Urban Farm.

Herbal Mead Making
Jason Remai and Chase Sutherland

Join mead makers Jason Remai and Chase Sutherland on the journey of mead making from a brief history of the oldest known fermented (alcoholic) beverage to modern day tips, tricks and equipment. Come for a taste test while learning how to make the world’s oldest alcoholic elixir.
BIOGRAPHY: Jason Remai loves to speak to plants. He finds beauty and balance through observation, ingestion and communication with edible and medicinal plants. He has no accreditations and some formal training. His near complete inability to achieve results through text based research or reading has bolstered his ability to navigate the oral tradition. This strength coupled with a hunger for union with the plant world have brought him to many teachers.

Make Your Own Sunscreen and Tick Repellent
Osha Mae 

We will have fun making a herbal sunscreen with 100 % natural ingredients  & discuss the natural options for protecting the skin before and after sun exposure. There will also be a talk and demonstration on tick repellents.
BIOGRAPHY: Laura Mae’s interest in plant medicine led her to study Herbalism & Aromatherapy. She owns an aromatherapy business operating from the Seaport Market, and creates unique herbal products for aromatic pleasure & to sooth the skin. “Our goal is to provide Safe, Natural, Pleasurable, Purifying experiences for our clients.” http://oshamaesoap.ca/

Discover the Medicine Growing in Your Garden–
Plants that beautify your garden may also enhance your health
Savayda Jarone

Many common ornamental plants have long been used in herbal medicine. Herbalist Savayda Jarone will reveal their history and uses in herbal apothecaries past and present. Come discover a few poisons and faerie attractants too!
BIOGRAPHY: Savayda Jarone was discovered by the plants in a tiny apothecary in London over twenty years ago. She has been in clinical practice as a medical herbalist for the past fifteen years and operates a herbal clinic and dispensary in Halifax, where she also teaches several popular year-long courses in herbal medicine. She takes great joy from connecting people with plants.  www.mayflowerherbs.ca


July 26, 2015
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
$45 – $70
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Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia


Museum of Natural History
1747 Summer St.
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3A6 Canada