2019 Herb Fair Workshop Details


  • Introduction to the Cochrane Family Farm by Frank Cochrane

Learn all about our hosts for the day and there amazing organic family farm.

  • Antibiotic Resistance – Herbs to the Rescue by Jeanette Poirier, CHT

Learn about how herbs can help in the ongoing battle against antibiotic resistance.

  •  Stop and Smell the Roses: The Virtues of Aromatics by Ember Peters, RHP

Ever wonder what happens when we smell a rose, a lavender sprig, or freshly fallen pine needles? Aromatics, or volatile oils, have a multitude of therapeutic effects. From soothing spasm to balancing moods, excreting stuck mucus to improving circulation, aromatic herbs have far reaching actions throughout the body, mind and spirit. Come learn about the chemistry of volatile oils, and some of why they can do what they do

  • Pre and Post Natal Herbal Support by Amber Dawn

Doula Amber Dawn will be leading a workshop on herbal support for pre and post natal support for women. She does have a client due soon so we will rearrange this workshop to a later date if Amber is needed elsewhere and sub a workshop from another HANS board member.

  • Herbal Exploration by Austin Bennett

Herbal student Austin Bennett has just finished his first full year studying to become a registered herbalist with our very own local college The Bloom Institute. He will be leading you through a short walk of the farm pointing out in bloom medicinal herbs and how they can be used. 

  • More than just weeds – The bounty of edible and medicinal plants around us by Benna Keoghoe, RHP

Herbalist Benna Keoghoe will be leading us through the gardens showing us the abundance of edible, medicinal plants that grow in Nova Scotia. She is a pleasure to listen to and her passion for herbs shines through.  

  • Growing plants native to Nova Scotia by John Cummings

 John Cummings will be leading a workshop on how to be successful growing native plants in Nova Scotia.